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From policy to science-art : moderating panels on sustainability

The winter 2024 brought me two interesting events and moderation opportunities ! Canada's pathways to net-zero emissions

The first event with Science Policy Exchange focussed on Canada's pathways to net-zero emissions. We focussed on policies and technologies mostly.

It was very interesting to see how innovation and policies are untertwinned. And how Canada play its cards. I was joined by Dr. Annie Chaloux, professor in the School of Applied Political Studies at the University of Sherbrooke, Melina Laboucan-Massimo, Founder and Executive Director of Sacred Earth Solar and Dr. Oumarou Savadogo, professor of chemical engineering at Polytechnique Montréal. The panel provided a candid assessment of how far we have come, the challenges we still face, and the strategies needed to accelerate our progress.

Shaping a greener tomorrow

The second event I moderated in the winter 2024 was during the Science and Technology Awareness Network annual conference. We discussed how to shape a greener tomorrow with creating approaches to sustainability education. It was such a treat to suggest this topic and seeing it selected. I brought together dynamic voices such as Aloïs Gallet, Co-founder at Econova Education; Constantin Kozlow, Workshop Facilitator at Climate Fresk; and Amanda Stanger, Indigenous Programs Manager at Relay Education.

We explored innovative ways to communicate sustainability concepts through arts, storytelling, and interactive experiences. Our discussions centred on which strategies effectively motivate individuals to take tangible climate actions and how to ensure inclusivity in sustainability dialogues. Highlights included insights on serious games, science-art contests, and adapting educational activities to incorporate Indigenous perspectives, making the conversation rich and multifaceted.

Both events underscored the importance of creative and inclusive approaches in sustainability education and the critical intersection of policy and technology in climate action. These discussions were not only enlightening but also inspiring, reinforcing the collective effort needed to achieve a sustainable future.

Looking back, I am grateful for the opportunity to moderate these insightful conversations and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on sustainability and climate action. It is really something I enjoy doing !


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