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Alexandra Gellé, PhD

Knowledge Mobilization Consulting


What defines me ?

I have one foot in the world of research, another in communications.

And a third in the climate action ecosystem.

In short : I'm a scientist with the ability to communicate about climate in an accessible and engaging manner.

One could also say that I'm a scientific communicator who leverages my decade of research experience to serve climate action.

In the hope of seeing more evidence-based decision-making.

Do you want to know more about me?

Check my LinkedIn, my CV or send me an email.

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​Perhaps you need to reach a new set of stakeholders, but don’t know how?


Or you want to deliver complex or unintuitive concepts… but it’s hard to know how to shape your presentation and tell an engaging story.

It’s difficult to know where to start, especially when it’s a new knowledge mobilization strategy that you care deeply about.

 I want to make your work shine bright .

I get as excited as an electron when dissecting results to bring out a story.

And then, sharing it with diverse audiences in various formats !

My unique approach to knowledge mobilization is defined by my passion for crafting effective strategies and telling captivating stories that resonate with your audiences.

Driven by an unwavering passion for sustainability, my work has led me to develop and implement various projects focused on mitigating climate change, including renewable energies, green chemistry, and the net zero transition.


Adaptation strategies are essential as well, and that concerns me too. Especially as I witness the erosion speeding up from my office in Gaspé.

After immersing myself in research for many years, today I find immense joy and inspiration in highlighting the work of others as a knowledge mobilization consultant.

How I can support you :


Shine a spotlight on your expertise beyond your lab


Elevate your visibility and

influence to new heights


Disseminate your findings

to your target audiences


Guide your mobilization

strategy to success

With my scientific rigor and creative flair, I elevate your expertise to resonate with diverse stakeholders through tailored communication and engagement activities.

I hold a PhD in green chemistry and nanosciences from McGill University. And I have years of experience in making complex scientific concepts accessible.


Since then, it's been climate change that has captured my attention and curiosity. I've worked with people from all walks of life, whether it's engaging with youth in museums or collaborating with officials and indigenous communities.

Seeing people's faces light up when they grasp the importance of potential solutions to climate challenges is a real source of satisfaction and motivation for me.

IMG_0634 copy.jpeg

What also drives me is equipping the research community with the necessary scientific communication skills so scientists can shine their expertise in various formats.


When people meet me, they often say "you have such incredible energy!"

I respond that I'm passionate.

And you, what makes fuels the spark in you ?



I'm looking forward to discussing your projects with you

Thanks for reaching out

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