My love for science, cooking and craft lead me to pursue a PhD in chemistry but I came to realize speaking about science at large and via different media was even more thrilling for me!

Over the last years, I have been heavily involved with various science outreach and public engagement organizations, and facilitated many activities and workshops with curious people of all ages and background.


I am committed to increase public science literacy as well as diversity and inclusivity in science. I am convinced science is for everyone, and needs diverse perspectives.

Science is fun when well explained, and anyone can be a scientist if they want to!

Alexandra Gellé

Science Communicator and​ PhD Candidate

SciComm leadership
PhD Candidate. MBA student

​2016 - present

Exchange student
B.Sc. Chemistry
​2013 - 2015
Director - Pint of Science Canada 
Speaker series in bars to promote science and research
Co-founder - ComSciCon-CAN

Bootcamp to build SciComm capacities in graduate students 
Volunteer - SWCC
Building community of Science Writers and Communicators  
SciComm projects
From the bench to the public: getting started with science writing
- INRS, Québec
Communicating science, it’s more than writing a paper
- Faculty of Science, McGill University 
*More than 200 attendees worldwide 
How science can shine in social media 
- Jasons-Science, INRS Laval
I facilitated many more workshops! Also in French.
How photosynthesis inspired chemists to do greener chemistry? 
- Redpath Museum

Photochemistry: from nature to the lab
- Exploring by the seat of your pants

Making bioplastics from shrimp shells
- UQAM, Coeur des Sciences

What does a chemist do?
- Skype a scientist
You can find my full updated resume below