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Alexandra Gellé, PhD

Knowledge Mobilization Consulting

When meeting me, people often remark,

"You have such incredible energy!"

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​Perhaps you need to reach a new set of stakeholders, but don’t know how?


Or you want to deliver complex or unintuitive concepts… but it’s hard to know how to shape your presentation and tell an engaging story.


It’s difficult to know where to start, especially when it’s a new knowledge mobilization strategy that you care deeply about.

​My unique approach to knowledge mobilization is defined by my love of crafting impactful strategies and telling captivating stories that resonate deeply with the people who need to hear them.

Fueled by an unwavering passion for environmental causes, my work has led me to build and deliver diverse projects centered around climate mitigation, including renewable energy, green chemistry, and the transition to a net-zero future.

Having immersed myself in research for many years, I now derive immense joy and inspiration from illuminating the work of others as a knowledge mobilization consultant. With scientific rigor and creative flair, I can make your work resonate with diverse stakeholders, all by employing tailored strategic communication and engagement activities.

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I hold a PhD in green chemistry and nanosciences (McGill University, ‘21), and have years of experience in making complex scientific concepts accessible. I have worked with people from all walks of life, from speaking to youth in museums, to working with public servants and Indigenous communities. I love to see people’s faces light up as they grasp the importance of potential solutions to environmental challenges.

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