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Storytelling & evidence-informed content promoting a bright sustainable future

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Case studies and blog posts featuring Montreal's innovation community, where partners experiment with solutions related to food accessibility, mobility, and municipal data and regulations. They aim to reimagine the metropolis as part of Infrastructure Canada's Smart Cities Challenge.


Diving into a wide variety of topics, my contributions span across various editions of Quebec Science magazine. From fly sexual behaviour to the discovery of new isotopes in cyclotrons, each article invites readers on a captivating journey through scientific discoveries.


Facilitating engaging scientific workshops for students in grades 4-6, with a focus on raising awareness about climate change and fostering informatics literacy.

Community of Gesgapegiag's solar park

Blog detailing the implementation of the solar micro-grid so an off-grid Mi'kmaq community diesel-dependence gets reduced.


Hosting insightful scientific discussions for young minds, featuring experts from across the country and abroad. While we explore a diverse range of topics, our primary emphasis is on addressing pressing environmental concerns.


Blog series celebrating green innovation in college research centers at the annual gala of the Association for the Development of Research and Innovation in Quebec.


CScience Magazine

When artificial intelligence comes in support of climate action. These articles shine light on AI-driven initiatives that can inform climate mitigation and adaptation, such as renewable energy and forest fire management.

Offshore wind turbines

Is the future of wind energy offshore?

Article exploring the evolution of offshore wind energy technology and international development, with an emphasis on recent Canadian involvement.

Person working in a solar farm

Presentation at the Pembina Renewables in Remote Communities conference to discuss the often dismissed steps of a project: what happens after commissioning?

In collaboration with Nergica

Route forestière sinueuse
« Alexandra's energy and passion are a force to be reckoned with. Her genuine enthusiasm for climate communication is contagious and resonated with our audiences. »


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