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Reimagine. Reinvent. Rewrite. - New Narratives Fresk

Building our sustainable future requires imagination, invention and storytelling

➡️ Carbon neutrality won't happen with a snap of the fingers.

➡️ Paradigm shifts won't happen thanks to a magic wand.

A wonderful evening spent building the New Narratives Fresk and write a (fictional?) story of a better, greener, more inclusive world.

Storytelling is at the heart of my work in making science more accessible

Today, more than ever, I'm convinced of the power of stories and images to make a difference.

After taking part in La Fresque du Climat a few weeks ago, and devouring Katharine Hayhoe's book Saving Us, I was very intrigued by this playful, collaborative activity that lets us explore the influence of stories on our brains and behaviors, and how they can contribute to changes to build a sustainable future.

I won't say more to avoid spoiling you!

Find out more:

➡️ Article in Le Devoir - The "Climate Fresco" snowballs in Quebec

➡️ Upcoming workshops - updated list

Many thanks to Maxime and Stéfany from QUiNTUS for their animation, good humor and inspiration!

Thoughts to the other muralists of the evening, and to the Maison du développement durable for its warm welcome.

Photo credits: Katrine Claassens & fellows Fresk-enthusiasts


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