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Captivate | Inspire | Empower

Communicating science can be challenging.
Let me help you make it accessible and appealing.

To make your work shine, I can:

  • Transform complex concepts into clear and compelling messages with my scientific rigor and creative flair

  • Create a tailored strategy to translate your research into concrete actions

  • Tackle the challenges that can hold up your projects such as misinformation and lack of awareness

  • Navigate nuanced discussions to achieve consensus and buy-in from stakeholders



Stratégie -- lien radio gaspésie + radio canada


Maximize the impact of your

expertise and content

Strategy knowledge mobilization

Content creation



Transform complex concepts

into clear messages

Science Communication




Leverage your work to the people who need it

Engagement and Capacity building

Strategies | audience identification |

knowledge transfer

Storytelling & evidence-informed content | presentations | infographics

white papers | blogs

social media | grant writing

Training & workshops |

event conceptualization | facilitation 

Services available in English, et en français.

Climate mitigation
Net zero energy transition
Green chemistry

Climate Mitigation | Net-Zero Transition | Green Chemistry

As a trusted partner, I collaborate with research centers, think tanks,

NGOs, Indigenous communities, and different levels of government to

increase their impact with compelling and engaging communication.

It is time to collectively address climate challenges.

 Leveraging your expertise and channelling your dedicated endeavours

towards meaningful change is essential.

I'm here to support you with strategic and evidence-informed content.

Together, we can connect minds to build the sustainable future Canada needs.

In addition to working with inspiring people like you to drive change,

I'm collaborating with a passionate ensemble of creators united by a shared vision: 

infusing every project with a whirlwind of expertise and a burst of creative energy. 


I'm looking forward to discussing your projects with you

Thanks for reaching out

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