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Science Communication

Sharing scientific knowledge better, for a better future together

Pint of Science Canada logo: a beer glass with a brain wearing glass on top and with a canadian flag

Pint of Science Canada

Director, since 2018

Science and beer. Is there a better cocktail?

We believe scientists and the public could learn from each others so we organize speaker series in bars in 30 cities across Canada to facilitate to share scientific research outside of academic settings and encourage public engagement.

We have events in-person and online, in English and French, and are always looking for more volunteers to organize events or give a talk!

Logo of ComSciConCAN: a red mapple leaf with science icons emerging from an open book

ComSciCon Canada

Co-founder & organizer Since 2018

Advocating for science communication is good, providing training is better!

There is a growing interest for graduate students to share science with lay audiences. But they need to be given the tools to do it efficiently. The ComSciCon bootcamps gather leaders in STEM fields for 3 days of training and networking with science journalists, museum curators, science communicators, academics and more!

I am also co-founded ComSciCon-QC, the French-speaking franchise in 2019.
McGill embleme

McGill University 
Workshop facilitator
Since 2020

Empowering academics to share their science with lay audiences.

All scientists could benefit from engaging with various audiences, whether they are experts of the field or not. Although academic education rarely provide training and opportunities for students and scientists to experience communication with lay audiences. I have facilitated many workshops to highlight the importance of sharing our passion outside of universities and also provide scientists with tools to engage efficiently with non-experts.

And more!
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